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How did many become millionaires during the pandemic?

The million dollar cryptocurrency question.

Is it a bit of luck? ... Yes and no. We think it's more like courage.

They took chances on projects that grew.

Yup, take risks and make premiums.

Why? because it makes sense to do it. NFT's. It's the future.

Sometimes in our life, an opportunity may come our way, that we must jump into.

Maybe this is your million. Let's see. Let's go. Let's do it!

Look at bitcoin. It made sense and it's a standard now. Wow

Nora Coin has been around since 2016 and it started as a joke.

Just two guys and an idea. With absolutely no direction.

But those days are long gone. Nora Coin started it's own network.

Nora Coin has a store. We can go on and on. It's better if you see our journey in the timeline.

The question now is. Will you get Nora Drip? Or will you just watch everyone else get it?

Sign up for the whitelist below to get early access before they are all gone.


Be the first to open the faucet and get nora drip

how nora drip works

Get Free Nora Drip for a few hours

NFT Owners can open the faucet and get drips longer

Auto DeX Implementation


NFT Pass Holders can open a Drip Faucet.

Only 10,000 Fluid Nora Drip NFT will exist ever.

Implemented Autonomous Smart Contracts

Smart Contract Bonding Curve Implementation

20% smart contract royalty premium for creator(s).

10% smart contract autonomous liquidity pool.

10% smart contract for NRT Network Development.

20% smart contract for New Product Development.

10% smart contract for marketing and PR.

7% smart contract for software patches.

10% smart contract for advisors and legal team

8% smart contract for artifical intelligence development.

5% smart contract for partnerships and ecosystem expansion.

Liquidity Pool

A portion of Nora Drip NFT and faucet premiums goes into the liquidity pool.

Anyone can stake cryptocurrency in liquidity pool and get premiums.


You can stake eth and btc in the nora drip liquidity pool and earn.

Stake Holders share 3% Transaction Fee premium.

Nora Dex

Decentralized Exchange

Nora Automatic Market Maker

3% fee per transaction

Autonomous Smart Contract

Swap Nora Drip tokens anytime

Ran by code = autonomous


NORA TO THE MOON - Billynaire


The Meeting

Two Crypto enthusiasts meet.

Feb 2016

The First Deal

A cryptocurrency mining deal is struck.

December 2016

New Network?

A new cryptocurrency wallet system is created. Tests begin.

September 2017

Let's see what happens

After a good time and catching up, one of the founders thinks Nora is a good name for a coin. Jokingly, the other founder releases the nora coin NRT Network. We didn't think this meme coin would work. Surprisingly a community formed around nora. Nora Coin (nrt) is officially born. See

May 2019


Artificial Intelligence implementation and exploration begins.

Sep 2019

Power up System

Power System is created contributed by many participants.

February 2020

New Technology

Nora payment gateway begins to be explored.

March 2020

Tap Token is created

Tap token is created to study blockchain and digital power.

May 2021

NRTZ Token is created

NRT Fork Technology is tested.

May 2021

Robotics Testing

Eben joins the team and starts exploring Robotics.

May 2021

Beta Nora Transfer System

A transfer system compatible with nora coin is released.

June 2021

Nora Fuel Token BEP20

Nora Fuel (nrtf) is created

June 2021

NRTZ Smart Chain

Discussions of NRTZ SmartChain

June 2021

Nora Fuel Token BEP20

Nora Fuel (nrtf) is listed on sushi swap

June 2021

NRTZ Smart Chain

Development begins

July 2021

Unreleased NRTZ Smart Chain

SmartChain cross-chain transfer protocol testing phase begins.

August 2021

Unreleased NRTZ Smart Chain

Smartchain ability to transfer token to the NRT Network. SmartChain cross-chain transfer protocol implementation first test successful. Front End Development begins.

September 2021

Exploration of NFT Software

NFT Software Development starts

October 2021

NFT System is released releases an NFT system.

October 2021

NRTZ Smarchain System is released releases NRTZ SmartChain.

October 2021

Billynaire gets nora coin advance

Billynaire becomes the first artist in history to receive nora coin as an advance. Learn More.

November 2021

King Cyrus Strikes a deal with Nora Coin

King Cyrus becomes the first acting president of Nora Coin NFT Music. Exploration of Technology begins.

December 2021

Lindsay "Love Doc" Rose Strikes a Deal with Nora Coin

Lindsay "Love Doc" Rose begins exploring implementing Nora Coin into her services

December 2021

Nick Kriaris Strikes a deal with Nora Coin.

Nick Kriaris becomes the first to release NFT attached to physical items. Artwork by the renowned Kay O'reorke and World Famous Trans Am.

December 2021

Olomi The Artist strikes a deal with nora coin.

Olomi The Artist begins his artwork of Elon Musk.

December 2021

Sophie Bowman strikes a deal with nora coin.

Sophie Bowman begins hers NFT project with Nora Coin.

December 2021

NFT Software System

Nora adds the technology to make 100,000 NFT's per day.

January 2022


NoraVerse begins developoment.

January 2022

NoraVerse Release is released. An MVP VR Video is released. See

January 2022

NFT Collections Released

NFT Collections are officially released.
collections by (a-z):

King Cyrus
Lindsay Rose
Nick Kriaris
Olomi The Artist
Sophie Bowman

February 2022

Token Economics

Implementation of token economics begins.

February 2022

DeX Development

NRT DeX development begins.

February 2022


Whitelist is released for exclusive and first access to Nora Drip.

March 2022

What is Nora

Elon Musk The Painting by Olomi The Artist

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